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Finding a candidate

Don’t settle for any one, recruit the one.

Permanent recruitment

Whether you’re a blue-chip organisation or an up-and-coming company, you know your business is only as good as your people. That’s why our recruitment team won’t just find people with the skills you need now, but they’ll find candidates that’ll help take your company into the future.

Finding the right match requires a good understanding of the brief. We’re continually learning about new technologies and trends, monitoring the modern communications sector, and speaking with some of the biggest names in the industry, so we can have informed conversations with our clients and candidates, and attract and secure the right people for the role.

How does it work?


Search and select:

Our experts will curate a selection of the most suitable candidates available for an accurate competency and cultural fit.


Technical testing:

We’ll put the candidates through their paces, making sure they’re up to the challenge and meet your skills needs.


Post-recruitment follow up:

Your recruitment expert will contact you to catch up, make sure both you and the candidate are happy, and ensure the match was a success.

Executive / senior appointments

Finding the right candidate is never more critical than when recruiting for an executive or senior role. By utilising more than 20 years of experience, our vast network of associates, intelligent social media monitoring and advertising, and FT Select’s creative and effective interview techniques, we’ll select and submit up to three of the most qualified, ambitious, and suitable candidates for your review.

We’re not here to fill spaces. Our goal is to match candidates in roles they’ll succeed in, where they can create long and distinguished careers with the companies that recruit them. From our experience, we have established that the first 60 days within a new role are crucial to the candidate’s integration and orientation in a new company. So, we’ll keep in close contact with both the candidate and the employer to ensure the success of their placement and mitigate any problems that might occur during this settling in period.

Contract recruitment

We understand that sometimes you’re not looking for someone to join the team full time, but you do need someone you can trust and rely on to get a job done right, and to the standards you’ve come to expect.

Our team of FTS Contract Associates are a hand-picked collection of skilled contractors who assist our clients where and when they are required. From one-time work to extended projects, we’ll identify the right talent to support your business on a flexible schedule, joining you on-site or remotely, to help you through peaks of work and specialist assignments.

The process is simple:



We’ll apply our innovative search and select process and put candidates through technical testing.


Security checks:

The team will carefully administer credit, identity and criminal record checks on your behalf.



Our candidates will supply real references from previous employers or contracts so that you can see proven results.


Ongoing support:

Your recruiter will keep in contact with you and the candidate throughout the contract to make sure you’re both happy with the placement.


Contractor payroll:

We’ll process the payment to the candidate once the job is complete and you’re happy with the results.

Who are you looking for?

When you come to us, you won’t just get the next person in line who ticks a few boxes. We’ll spend time upfront to understand exactly who you’re looking for and bring you qualified candidates that fit your company’s culture.

Contact our team today, and find the right person for your business.

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