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Linux Senior Applications Support Engineer

Linux Senior Applications Support Engineer required for  a permanent opportunity.

Remote work with the possible occasional travel in to the office.

Our client, a Digital Communications company urgency requires a professional Linux Senior Applications Support Engineer. You will be working as part of a small team, supporting Heritage/Legacy infrastructure. The company is planning to move fully on to their new infrastructure within the next 12-18 months at which point the suitable candidate might be offered the opportunity to move on to supporting the new infrastructure. (Cloud based)

This is a great opportunity for someone wanting to be part of a small team, who equally likes working on their own. You will be provided with training as and when needed and there will be plenty of space for growth and expand your existing skills and knowledge.


Essential skills include commercial experience of:


  • General skills (navigating, reviewing / filtering log files, reviewing systemctl / journalctl, editing JSON / YAML, crontab, etc)
  • Basic disk management (resizing disks / partitions, fdisk / gdisk, fstab etc)
  • Nginx knowledge. Direct hosting and reverse proxying
  • SFTP management via OpenSSH (hardening, chroot management, auth management etc)
  • MySQL user / database management
  • MySQL / MariaDB server management (my.cnf properties, global variables etc)
  • Networking



  • Ansible playbook creation / editing
  • Cisco ASA OS knowledge (both CLI + ASDM)
  • Cisco IOS (Catalyst) knowledge
  • troubleshooting ability to trace data through a series of applications using logs etc to piece together a wider picture across a series of bespoke applications
  • Certificate management via openssl, java keystore
  • Elasticsearch / elastalert management
  • Postfix mail relaying (whitelisting, api key authentication etc)
  • MySQL basic data retrieval (SELECTS, basic understanding of keys / joins)
  • HAProxy management (managing a multi-stage HAProxy configuration, for both external and internal requests)
  • Basic management of Windows Services
  • Basic management of file shares
  • Veeam backup and replication management. Both Linux and Windows guests. Some knowledge of disaster recovery scripts, re-IPing, Veeam proxying, etc
  • Knowledge of administering VMware / vCenter
  • Server and application monitoring via Check_MK / Nagios
  • Understanding of CI. Able to build build pipelines (Atlassian Bamboo for our setup, but things like Jenkins, gitlab ci etc)
  • Understanding of application packaging and deploying (Octopus Deploy). Create and management multi-tenanted deploy projects


Nice to have:

  • Foreman / Katello patching / errata management
  • Ndjbdns recursive DNS
  • Syslog-ng syslog log aggregation
  • Jira / jira service desk on-prem management
  • Basic bash scripting
  • Basic Snort (IDS)
  • Microsoft SQL basic management (very rarely touch the few we have)
  • ProxySQL Proxying (setup, day-to-day management of user creation etc)
  • MongoDB basic management
  • MongoDB basic querying (mainly finding data, occasional deletion)
  • NAXSI WAF management (used as part of our External HAProxy setup)
  • Basic management of AD (users, DNS, group policy etc)
  • Basic management of Windows Certificate Services
  • RADIUS understanding / knowledge
  • IIS administration knowledge
  • WSUS
  • Kaspersky anti-virus / application patching management
  • Azure AD connector
  • Basic understanding of Cisco UCS configuration
  • Understanding of AnyConnect client VPN configuration
  • Basic knowledge of EMC SAN configuration, pools etc
  • Administration knowledge of Quadient products (Inspire Interactive, Inspire Automation, Inspire Scaler, Inspire ICM, Inspire IPS, Inspire License Manager)
  • Understanding of API fundamentals. Able to craft and test API requests using tools like Postman
  • SendGrid email relaying
  • Understanding of git. Cloning, branching, etc
  • Bitbucket management (repos, users, webhooks etc)
  • Knowledge of Nuget, Nuget repo hosting, building against Nuget repos etc
  • Basic powershell scripting
  • Basic troubleshooting of .NET / .Net core


Type of job: Permanent

Job Overview
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Salary :
up to £45000
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Anna Kisterenyei

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