DevOps Engineer, Canary Wharf

DevOps Engineer, Canary Wharf

DevOps Engineer who can provide solutions delivery and design as well as implementation experience: RedHat/Puppet; Pulp/Ansible. Integrations through service first / any other tools / API dev skill/ Cyber Arc, Tufin, AppViewx, Infoblocks, ACI , Tetration, API consumption. Development experience in infra development & tools. Ipcenter as the central framework (Desirable) Python, Ansible. DevOps / CI CD expertise, Mongo DB, Git, and DevOps Tools. Compliance / assurance experience. SQL Database and Oracle Database experience.

Documentation skills required including: design diagrams, user guides, run books.

Jenkins, Ansible, Git and Pulp skills.

The individuals involved will be expected to:

  • Liaise with technical teams and subject matter experts
  • Gather Puppet service requirements
  • Coordinate the deployment of infrastructure as per design and coordinate change plan
  • Install and configure Puppet software
  • Create and execute test plans
  • Perform Puppet coding/optimisation to allow for client migration activity between Puppet versions
  • Coordinate execution of a migration plan 

Technical skills required:

  • API development skills
  • Cyber Arc
  • Tufin
  • AppViewx
  • Infoblocks
  • ACI (understanding of)
  • Tetration (understanding of)
  • API consumption
  • experience in infra development & tools
  • Ipcenter as the central framework (Desirable)
  • Python
  • Ansible
  • DevOp CI CD expertise
  • Mongo DB
  • Git
  • DevOps Tools
  • Compliance / assurance experience
  • SQL Database experience
  • Oracle Database experience

Role Type: Contract – 3 to 6 months duration

Proposed start date: 22nd April 2019

Location: Canary Wharf

Rate: Competitive

Ref: 2531100

Please contact Richard Thomas – 0203 143 3311 or